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Who are we and What do we do?

We resource Kingdom Projects from donations entrusted to our care from those who want to make a difference to those people or projects that you are concerned for. 

We aim to facilitate, to empower and enable Christian mission to flourish whilst meeting the needs of people who are disadvantaged and in need.

We encourage donors to participate, as they are able, in projects forging live links with our partners.

We operate in the UK, South Africa, Malawi and Tanzania where we have ongoing relationships. New partnerships have been commenced in Cameroon and Kenya from the interests and contacts of our UK donors.  


Our aim is to:  

  • Encourage as we meet need.

  • Enable self-sustaining development.       



Our Covid 19 response for our Partners

The money raised from our own Covid Appeal has now all been used in commencing longer-term agricultural projects in South Africa, Malawi and Tanzania - we are also supplying money for a food distribution programme with Tonny Onyanga at Real Life in Christ Miracle Church in Nairobi, Kenya. 


The Catalyst Network of Churches own Covid Appeal has channelled grants through us to our African Partners for very specific food distribution programmes commenced by our partners in addition and supplementing our own programmes.

As Africa emerges from the effect of lockdown, unemployment is up, business is poor, ministries are curtailed and maximum effort is going into feeding programmes to keep people alive

News from Ndaga,Tanzania


Ndaga Children's Home is now forced to abandon plans to house 25 children because central government has imposed standards impossible to afford.

They are now reopening with 7 children only in residence,  and the 140 + other destitute children are housed in relatives and dependent on the feeding programmes funded by Catalyst. The Church there is doing well with planned baptisms.

A new emphasis Post Covid is "Children in need"

We are appealing to existing supporters to continue regular donations to maintain families in ministry as they struggle at this time.                                We are also announcing the commencement of our Children in Need Support Programme  (Sponsor a child at £30 per month).                      

Our partners in South Africa, Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya are responsible for 180 destitute or orphaned children.  Some are housed on Church premises others live in the community.  At this time we are supporting 20 children - we would like to raise this to at least 50 over the next financial year. 









Did you know that you can avoid death duties completely if you leave any excess over the personal allowance to charity?
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