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  • We resource Kingdom Projects from donations entrusted to our care from those who want to make a difference to those people or projects that you, our supporters, are concerned for.

  • We aim to facilitate, empower, and enable Christian Mission to flourish whilst meeting the needs of people who are disadvantaged and in need.

  • We encourage our donors to participate, as they are able, in projects forging live links with our partners.

  • We operate in the UK; South Africa; East Africa (Malawi, Tanzania, and Kenya); Cameroon: and Mauritania.

  • All our overheads are met by our own self-sustaining business with money left over to seed-fund new projects.




  • To support  Christian Ministries and Church Planting

  • To alleviate hardship and     "Good News to the Poor"

  • To empower the self-sustaining businesses of our partners

  • To provide an outsourcing accounts bureau or licensed Accounting Systems in the charity sector.
    -In the "cloud" capability
    -All income to 3rd world needs

Kingdom Impact ETHOS statement

We wish to alleviate the hardship of those in need without discrimination of any sort.
As Christians, we desire to implement the core Christian value of being in all our activity "Good News" 

Leaving a legacy to Kingdom Impact
Have you ever considered leaving a legacy to Kingdom Impact in your will?

To make it very easy, we have teamed up with Charity Wills who will write

a simple will for you at no cost.