We are in contact with each of our partners in Africa and we are pleased to say that they are all well.  Employment opportunities are reduced and food starvation is happening now.
Kingdom Impact together with resources from the Catalyst Network of Churches have commenced both feeding programmes and longer term empowerment projects.


South Africa:    State of emergency announced and the country in lockdown.  Andy Freeks has cancelled mission trips and Easter gatherings at Oviston.  Income Generation has ceased.  Available land is being used for vegetable production.

Malawi:   Public meetings to be curtailed since March 23rd. There is plenty of food in the shops but most people including our partners have no money to buy!
(Kingdom Impact has sent cash for immediate support and we have sent further monies to commence maize production on 12 acres of fallow ground.  The whole project will cost £5,000 and a further £5,000 for an irrigation project urgently required as watering crops is essential

Tanzania:  Schools have been closed.  Electricity cuts often. Isolation is beginning to have the same impact - loss of earnings and food scares.  

(Kingdom Impact has sent cash for business support and we have sent further monies to commence bean  production on 5 acres of ground that has been released for cultivation.  Catalyst Network has enabled two food distribution centres to be opened - one in Mbeya, the other at Ndaga. 

Kenya:  People are dying from starvation caused by lockdown - severe meeting restrictions.

(Kingdom Impact has sent emergency grants to Tonny Onyango who leads a network of Churches in Nairobi for food distribution)

Cameroon:   In Lockdown. Schools closed.  Meetings of more than 5 people prohibited.

We are appealing to existing supporters to continue regular      donations and asking for those who are able to contribute to an emergency fund to do that.  -  We are able to get cash to those who need it within 2 hours!                                                   

Please donate by bank transfer and send an email!


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