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KIT , supports the work of  Pastor Booker Kapalamunda Band in Malawi. Booker is the lead Pastor and  pioneer of much of  the Christian outreach work and in particular church planting, not only in Malawi but also in Mozambique.

Booker has initiated much of the pioneering work in Malawi, which also includes church planting in Mozambique as well as starting a radio ministry project.


Pastor Booker Banda, working at his Radio ministry


Amongst other initiatives, Booker has been looking to establish water wells through boreholes. This project looks to provide local communities with water for much needed agricultural work as well as personal use. 

Booker's many projects are all dependent on financial support. Kingdom Impact Today continues to look at ways in which it can empower Booker to continue his outstanding work in Malawi. Please consider supporting this ministry.

History of Janet's House

Several years ago a missionary named Sylvia came from Scotland to Malawi with VSO. She was working with Holy Dwelling Church. Sylvia met someone special and they decided to get married and her sister Janet came to visit for the wedding. Janet fell in love with the people of Malawi. She went back to Scotland intending to come back to Malawi and work with the orphans.


The veranda area outside Janet's House

Unfortunately Janet became ill with cancer and was unable to return and eventually she died.

In her will she left a sum of money for the orphans of Malawi. This was used to build a home to house the orphans and so the house had been called 'Janet's House'.

Janet's House is in Lilongwe and is run by Lesita, Pastor Booker Banda's wife. The orphanage has 10 live in children but feeds at least 38 others from the local community. These children are in great need. Some live in extended families who cannot afford to feed the extra mouths every day, others may be destitute, so on Tuesday and Friday they come to Janet's House for a meal. 


Widows from the area also come for a meal two or three times a week. Widows often do not have any means of supporting themselves so Janet's House is a life line for them.

The aim is to help Holy Dwelling feed the orphans, pay for them to go to school and also to support the widows.

Recent donations for, Janet's House supporter in the UK, are being used to upgrade the kitchen facilities, which include, plastering, new flooring and windows and repainting.

How to Donate

If you are considering supporting Janet's House or any of the  other projects in Malawi then please use either of the methods to the right, or click on the link below.

Whichever method you chose, please send a separate email being very specific about your choice of project. this will also allow us to send you an electronic form if you are a UK tax payer and you wish to give by gift aid. 


Gift Aid provides us with an additional 25 % funds  with your personal advantage as well if you pay tax at the higher rate.

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