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Mango Farm Project

In October 2022, Alec Mulalo (the pastor at Holy Dwelling Church) applied for a grant to begin a small mango farming project. The aim is to provide an income to support his family and the work of church planting and feeding the poor. The fruit will also supplement the diet of the family and the children at Janet's House.  It takes 3 - 4 years before mango trees produce fruit so this will be an on-going project alongside production of beans and maize which should provide 2 harvests each year. Thanks to the generosity of a supporter, we were able to provide Alec with a grant to begin this work. The land was cleared in preparation for planting and plants purchased. Planting was delayed by floods but began in April 2023 as soon as the soil was no longer water-logged.

There will be a need for on-going funding, particularly for irrigation. Finding and transporting sufficient water is often challenging in the dry season. Ideally, Alec would like to drill a borehole and install a solar pump to provide a reliable source of water. 

We have continued to provide financial support for this project, enabling Alec to employ a groundsman and erect a fence to keep out goats and other village animals. 

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