Ndaga Children's Home,           Tukuya,Tanzania.
  • The home currently has a government closure order placed on it. 

  • A task force is in place which now has an approved constitution as an NGO with 10 local "stakeholders". 
    They are working hard to meet all the conditions now necessary to run an orphanage. 
    The number of residents will be reduced to 22  with support to non residents done separately.
    (previously 50+residents with 100+ non residents)

  • They will open again on January 1st.2020 once the renovation of buildings and provision of bedding etc has been completed.

  • They have produced detailed operating budgets for 2020 which amounts to £16,379.  In addition they have budgets for the agricultural development of land at Inyala and Ndaga with the aim to becoming as self sustaining as possible.  To be successful these programmes require revenue funding well in advance of the planting seasons.

Please pray for:

  • The renovation and opening process and the children.

  • The stakeholders and all responsible for the running of the orphanage.

  • Christina and Foreman Mwangingwa - the Patron and Matron in the new organisation, together with their own family and other helpers.

How to Donate


  • Kingdom Impact has released some funds already
    There is room for many other organisations to join us in supporting Ndaga Children's Home - we are now open to receive donations.

  • We are seeking in the first place that our money will  empower NCH to increase production from their existing farms for the production of food. 
    It has been difficult in the past for them to provide money for seeds and fertilisers when there is immediate hunger.

  • Gift Aid provides us with an additional 25% funds  with your personal advantage as well if you pay tax at the higher rate. Please send an email  if you are a UK tax payer and you wish to give by gift aid. 

Kingom Impact Bank Details

Bank details for electronic payments which may be one-off or regular monthly payments:

Bank:           Lloyds Bank

Name:          Kingdom Impact

Sort Code:   30-65-22

Account:      79541868

Reference:   NCH