News from Chikwawa Flood victims

Here is the text from Helix Chigon'mlunje, our only contact in the area, but since communicating, we have now lost contact.  He is without money, although money is on its way, transport and mobile connection.


I have managed to travel up to here in Chikhwawa district. And I have found the members of our church and other people encamped at aplace called Domasi and at a community based organization's building. They have named this comping place TIASAMALE CAMP

With the little cash that I received from the Kingdom Impact, I managed to 30 Blankets that I distributed free to some of the members of the church.

The most needfuls here that need our immidiate attention are:
1. Food stuffs (Maize, Beans, Cooking Oil, Soya Pieces, Salt, Usipa Fish)
2. Beddings (Blankets, Bed Sheets, Mosqueto Nets) 
3. Plastic Plates / Cups
4. Tissues

If I had enough money I would have distributed these things immidiately. I want to thank the Kingdom Impact that sent me MK289,300 that helped me to travel to the place and buy the 30 blankets. 

I also want to thank Papa Booker for his prayer he offered as I was setting off for Chikhwawa. 

Continue to help in prayers for God's internvetion for the listed items soon. There has been floods in the past around this area, but this year's floods have a great negative impact towards that community since they have distroyed many things (peoples' lives, crops, buildings and shelters, livestock, roads)

May the good Lord bless you.


chikwawa flood_edited.jpg