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Kingdom Impact - Kenya



Real Life Miracle Church




We look to support the local church and its leaders and empower them to promote the Gospel and impact their local community through acts of love and service and through the preaching of the Word. 

Pastor Tony

During the Covid pandemic. we have helped to: 

support the ever increasing number of orphans by:-

  • - helping them to find families to  live with.

  • - providing them with food and clothing.

  • - paying for school fees and school uniforms.

  • - providing health care when required.

The local school attended by the orphans
Inside the church building
orphan feed.jpg

During the Covid pandemic, many of the congregation had either lost their jobs or were unable to earn money due to government lockdowns. With the support of Kingdom Impact Kenya, the church was able to provide food , not only for the local orphans but for other children within the local community.


To support the impoverished church and its members through:-

  • - suppling food throughout the Covid pandemic.

  • - paying for medical care, where possible.

  • - helping the church to pay the annual lease fee for the church building.

  • - funding  micro business for church members.

Period Poverty

At times the girls have not been able to attend school due to a lack of feminine sanitary products. One of our supporters had managed to raise £280 to help supply 6 month's worth of sanitary towels for the girls. Many of whom had been using, old rags and even newspaper. 

Covid Response

During the pandemic lockdown, many of the church members and local community members had no financial  support to help buy food and other basic necessities. One of our Kingdome Impact Kenya supporters has donated money to help the local community survive through the worst of the lockdown.

Can you help?

If you feel that you are able to help this particular project, then please consider donating to Kingdom Impact Kenya, by clicking on the link below.

Remember 100% of your donation will go directly to this project.

We are particularly looking for support in helping the church to become self sustaining through supporting its members to set up micro businesses. Here individuals are given £20 as a start up loan for a business of their choice.

After a specific period of time, the loan is paid back to the church and reinvested in new businesses, while further profits are tithed and given to the church.

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