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Enquiries relating to South Africa or Kenya

Enquiries relating to Malawi

Enquiries relating to Tanzania and General


  • DONATE (without charges)   

    Should you wish to donate, the easiest way is by electronic bank transfer or standing order using mobile app or telephone banking using these details:

    Name:           Kingdom Impact
    Sort Code:    30-65-22
    Account:       79541868 
    Reference:    Project  as listed below

    Project List  

  • KISA  Kingdom Impact South Africa (Freeks Family)

  • KIT     Kingdom Impact Tanzania (Local NGO, Mbeya)

  • ​ITU     Ituha Church Plant - God First Church

  • NCH   Ndaga Children's Home, Mbeya

  • KTO    Kevin Tonny Onyango Ministry, Kenya

  • JHJ     Janet's House, Yacobi Centre, Lilongwe

  • MFU    Malawi Futures (Local NGO, Lilongwe)

  • ARC    Cameroon Arc Centre

  • MAU    Mauritania Underground Churches

  • RS       Robert Savoiu Spurgeon's Fees 

  • UKP    UK Poverty Situations

  • GEN    General or not specified

         please email so we can thank you 


  • Gift Aid will be collected automatically with an electronic form sign off if we can connect to you by email or telephone. So please:


  • You may use the donate  button for online donations through our service provider. Your donation is reduced by around 1.5% by direct charges.

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