Kingdom Impact News   ~  July 2022

In this issue of our newsletter, we are very conscious of some of our successes as an organisation such as the excellent Resurgence Programme that is now being run again at Kingdom Impact South Africa by Andy, Rose
(recovering - thank God) and Joshy.  But at the same time, when money is getting much tighter in the UK, we are unable to support entirely some of the Self Sustaining Projects we started in Tanzania, Malawi, Mauritania and Kenya because:


  1.  There is now evidence in real terms that global warming is currently affecting Africa.
    The monsoons are no longer as predictable as they were and unnatural flooding has happened in Malawi, Mauritania and Tanzania.   Some of our projects in these countries have failed dramatically just as we had hoped that self - sustaining was becoming a reality.   Many of our partners in Malawi and Mauritania are without homes caused by floods and suffering real hardships.   We heard this week of elderly people who have lost both their homes and their livelyhoods, still languishing at care centres and dying of malnutrition.


  2. The combination of Covid + the War in Ukraine has forced up food, transport and fertiliser prices, making it impossible to replant after harvest (or in many cases total lack of crops after flooding).

  3. We have also faced many medical emergencies among our partners and their dependents.  Medical treatment in the hospitals is  now getting beyond our means.  Today one of the orphans we care for - has been readmitted to hospital with a serious heart condition.  Another child is undergoing a month's treatment for cancer following a burn wound which was healing well but now needs this treatment.

 So for a season we will give higher priority to the provision of medical care and food to those in need and pray that God will provide through those of us still able to consider others with greater needs than our own.