As a Charity operating where our donor's direct their giving, we are seeing massive needs wherever we look. 
The needs are already more than we can handle before the Russian war commenced.


For those who wish to help Ukraine, we are in contact with the Catalyst Network of Churches with access into Churches within Ukraine and also in neighbouring countries.   Any donations coming our way marked UKRAINE  will be turned around the same day to go to Catalyst, together with the Gift Aid we can collect frequently.  


A few weeks back we invited all our partners to submit applications for a new round of Self Sufficiency programmes as this is the Planting and Sowing season in East Africa where most of these projects are.
We received twice as many applications as we had funds available -  we needed to make difficult choices.

At the same time two of our partners require urgent medical treatment and we also get heart wrenching appeals regarding accidents to children which have necessited immediate operations.

Our priorities remain these plus one new one - the Chikwawa Flood region of Malawi.


  • Supporting mission, outreach and Church Planting through those who are called and equipped.

  • Empowering Chistian Communities to be self supporting in some of the poorest counties in the World.
    This includes two employment projects in a North African Muslim Country where Christianity is banned.

  • Responding to medical and other emergencies as they happen.

  • Chikwawa Flood Area.    We were able to help a little with Emergency food and clothing.   All our contacts are safe but facing a return to homes with very little left and having all their crops destroyed by the water.
    Pastor Helix is back in Lilongwe having suffered a bout of Malaria whilst there but he now has a means of getting funds to the area.


Kingdom Impact News   ~  February 2022 

We have just heard from pastors in Malawi that they have suffered a massive impact from cyclone Alma with loss of homes, roads and huge floods everywhere. The disaster area stretches into Mozambique and Zambia.

We have sent a little money to Helix ChigonMlunje who is a pastor with churches in the Chikwaha region in the South of Malawi.  He hopes to be there on Tuesday (Feb 8th)

We can pray!  And appeal for funds - see our home page with the video supplied from the disaster zone -this was created by the Scottish Malawi Partnership an umbrella organisation with whom we are in contact!

Kingdom Impact News   ~  January 2022 

As we enter a new year with hope and anticipation, we can look back over 2021 with gratitude to God for his favour and to you are supporters for your support and encouragement. 

Our principal aim is to act as a conduit or channel of funds from you our supporters direct  "to alleviate the needs" of those people and causes that you designate as you donate.   Another aim is to encourage self-sufficiency because it is better to give a fishing rod than a fish.  So we have evolved what we call our SELF SUFFICIENCY PROGRAMMES wherever we serve.
Our third aim is to use our self-sufficiency principle to provide for our own costs. This is done by selling accounting services and software to other charities so that we can transfer your funds to where they are required without deduction.  

The 2020-2021 year ended August 31st, resulting in a 30%  year on year increase in income, which arose mainly through a few large donations and grants received from other charities.  This has slowed down during the current fiscal year.   
We see our priorities going into January 2022 as:


  • Continuing to see SSPs funded and encouraged in those countries where these have started.
    We have yet to see new SSPs funded by the returns from previously funded ones and we will be monitoring this aspect closely.


  • We would like to see funded, a major SSP in South Africa for Any Freeks working as Kingdom Impact S.A.
    There have been several attempts at doing this in the past.    Please pray!


  • We wish to fund the ongoing work of  "Kingdom Impact Tanzania" which is being launched as a locally controlled NGO in its own right.
    This is being managed by Edward Mhone. The purpose of KIT is to train, encourage and take decisions locally wherever possible.


  • At the same time as starting new SSPs throughout East Africa, we are conscious that medical emergencies and other problems will come up which need an immediate response.   There are also needs for orphans that do not wait for crops to be harvested.


So as we enter 2022. we commend Kingdom Impact to you.

Kingdom Impact News   ~  March 2022