Kingdom Impact News 
November 2021 Update

- Malawi News  - 77 people are being baptised at Holy Dwelling soon!  Our kitchen development at Janet's house requires completion. They now have 10 children in residence + 50 non-residents receiving food.   We are told that the children need books. (An Idea for Christmas Presents!)
Booker's Agri Project is going well with 2 new acres coming on board next.  Funding for this plus an irrigation programme has been sent.
We now have a large donation received for a Community Borehole Water Project at Sayidi Village near Lilongwe, Malawi (Helix Chigonam will be the local project manager) We hope to start this month.

- S.A news re Andy and family - The first Resurgence program was very successful with many salvations and changed lives.   (11 Teenagers - 3 month residential program).  Andy wants to avoid being seen as a drug rehab centre but there is pressure to do so.  A new Resurgence course has been brought forward to start in November and over into the new year.   No paying guest inquiries are coming in, it is thought due to Covid fear and the depressed economy.
A great idea for monetary Christmas presents would be to finance micro-finance or  “return to school”  sponsorships for this intake.  Many of them will have good plans but no means to get started.
Pete and Lisa are looking to visit in 2022, possibly for the third course.

-Tanzania News -   Agriculture programs have gone well apart from the fact that selling prices are unusually depressed as a result of good harvests but people have no means to buy food stocks. Other non-agri projects are also not performing as wished - we understand the whole economy is depressed due to Covid.  Covid not only makes people very sick and die but also puts huge pressure on family income. There are regional hot spots near Mbeya which have been severely impacted. Consequently, our self-sufficiency ethos is not working as we had hoped.  But we still continue with SSPs as our longer-term goal but seek to respond to need as well.
As a result of ongoing medical and other emergencies, our reserves are depleted and already we have notice of illness requiring hospitalization among those we are partnering.
We are considering  setting up Edward Mhone to provide project advice to the projects in Tanzania - there is a great need to optimize what is becoming a major enterprise (Last financial year we spent £75,000 in Tanzania !)

-Kenya News  -  We continue the similar SSP concept within the Churches led by Tonny Onyango in Nairobi who is working amongst massive urban poverty with great needs among young people. Our projects are often held back by diversion to meet emergencies arising from poverty - health, hunger, rent arrears and so it goes on.  This engagement needs considerably more investment.

-Mauritania News - After very careful preparation due to its sensitivity, we have funded an income-producing project to provide employment to 4 Christian men to cultivate vegetables and rice on 10 hectares of rented land several hundred km away from Nouakchott where the Church is. The project leader is the Pastor of this underground Church in a 99.9% Islamic state where it is a capital offense to convert to Christianity!  The Church meets regularly but never in the same place. I have read some amazing testimonies but life is tough with persecution from the community and even families.  Unemployment among Christians is one major problem we hope to address.

-Cameroon News - The Rainforest Centre named “The Ark” to provide accommodation and research facilities is almost complete with bookings from visiting scientists in 2022.   The project is managed by the principal donor with a local employee.  It provides employment and a water supply to the village. This is a registered NGO.

- UK News - Homeless and Church Planting - No activity this year (since August) but the homeless person we helped in 2020-21  is now in well-paid employment and living on a boat purchased in Scotland, refurbished and made habitable, and now on the Regent’s Canal, London.

Kingdom Impact News 
July 2021 Update

Self Sustaining Programmes

Our largest batch of SSP's have been launched in Tanzania and there are 16 separate projects averaging just over £1,000 each. Many are agricultural projects but some are animal husbandary (pigs, chickens....) whilst some are in manufacturing and trading.    They are all designed to provide incomes to Church Leaders and several of them are tied in with 'Our Children' - orphans in the care of Churches.

Some of the agricultural projects are at the harvesting stage and immediately we have run into the problem of low market prices which is normal when crops are freely available. The problem though is that the farmers need to sell  crops in order to immediately start all over and that requires cash which they do not have.

So we desperately need more UK supporters to help us through this time because in addition to maintenance pressures, we have several completely new projects that we have been unable to start:

  • 5 Acres of land available in Malawi made available to Pastor Helix and 
    requiring irrigation assistance and all the usual cultivation costs.


  • 4 Acres of land available in Mauritania for rice cultivation. Here the land would be rented - a new contact Pastor Abdelvatah working with persecuted and unemployed Christians in an Islamic State.

  • MicroFinance Projects in Nairobi, Kenya to support Orphans and General Church Needs.   Pastor Tonny Onyanga wants to take the model for Self Sustaining Projects started in Tanzania but applied to many churches within a poverty stricken Urban sphere of Churches.  




June 2021 Update

In South Africa, Andy Freek's  "Resurgence Training Programme" is now under way at KISA with 11 young people committed to the 3 month programme of development and mission. The first weeks residential course has been highly effective, with several of the candidates make fresh commitments. There are clear signs that strongholds are being broken and a fresh desire to see God work and move in the lives of these young people is clearly evident. We continue to watch this space to see how God will use this group of youngsters.



In KenyaLife for Tony has been tough, as Covid has resulted in the loss of income for many of the church members. More importantly, the funding for the orphan feeding programme has now come to and end, which is increased the pressure on Pastor Tony to find the resources to support the orphans. we continue to look for new sponsors and support, for this vital work.


Janet's House

The harvest as a result from the Agri project has been successful and the great news is that it provides food for the children for the this year.

A grateful donation has also enabled the kitchen to be completed, with doors, windows and floor now fitted.

Self Sustaining Projects   We have just finished the funding for 16 projects amounting to £18,000 all intended to provide employment and funding for local Church mission.  Some are agricultural, others animal husbandry or other trading businesses.     At the same time Catalyst has provided an additional £10,000 of microfinance  investment  in 20 community projects to enable post Covid recovery.

These projects are mainly in Tanzania but with a start made in Kenya and with one project  in Malawi - bringing 11 acres of scrub into production.

As this is written, harvest time has commenced in Tanzania and we wait for news.

This way of supporting mission changes everything!   There is now a very active desire to engage - our waiting list for new unfunded projects is massive.  We thank you our donors who have enabled this to get started.  We are experiencing growth of more than 25% year on year and in faith, look to continue. 

May 2021 UPDATE:

I thought you would appreciate a financial update.

Last year's trustees report and accounts to August 2020 is available on our website at

Year to date, we have seen a healthy growth in income to  £86,222 after only 9 months compared to £74,075 for the whole of last year.   The growth has arisen from several donors who are investing in self sustaining projects in Africa as well as further "flow through Catalyst Covid grants" which this year are being directed to Microfinance projects in Tanzania  organised through our partners in three Churches.


The emphasis of our vision is to  see God's Kingdom grow through a strategy which recycles UK donations continuously wherever possible.
As this happens we are also mindful of healthcare and food needs amongst those we serve which always takes priority. 


Please pray especially at this time God's healing power for Joyce (wife of Pastor Elisha Msemwa) who is recovering in hospital from a serious operation. The family and their mission in Iringa seem to be under attack, as the year so far, they have seen both promising new starts only to be side tracked by illness. 

Also pray for those who seek development aid to increase their income above the poverty line and which reluctantly we have to say "wait".



Easter UPDATE  April 2021:

As we celebrate our new life through Jesus, we were informed that Nairobi is critically locked down through Covid and several of  the street children we support through  Tonny Onyango's Church had succumbed and were hospitalised.  Please pray for Caren who remains in hospital on oxygen.

Rose Kyando, praise God,  has recovered. The children of Elisha Msemwa are also back home after more than a week in hospital.  For them it was malaria with complications.   

We continue to invest in microfinance and  the larger self sustaining projects we are called to,  but also mindful of the necessity of holding funds to make a rapid response when emergencies, such as we have been having, occur.

March 2021 UPDATE:

We are pleased to report that  Rose Kyando  is now recovering from Covid, she has had a rough time. Also another brother in Mbeya was diagnosed with Covid and sent home with medication.
The children of Elisha Msemwa are  in Iringa hospital very sick with malaria and one of the  boys is critical.

Hospital treatment in Africa is extremely costly and most people cannot afford treatment. It's either pay or go home.    Our new card to mobile MPESA system provided by WorldRemit has been taking a hammering this week but money does get through to where it is needed within an hour.  A true "God-Send" !

Through all of this, we are launching several new self sustaining projects this month - designed to make a lasting difference!  We pray they will.

March 2021:

Stop Press - please pray for Rose Kyando  who is seriously sick with Covid and in Hospital. Emergency funds have been sent  to help with costs. 
The Freeks family in Oviston, S.A. are recovering and facing real needs.

A great deal of activity in March with land purchased for Elisha Msemwa at Mafindi, a village near Iringa.  The field is being prepared for wheat as its late in the season.  Another self sustaining project launched!

Our Child Support programme right through East Africa is meeting real needs at this time.  Street children in Mbeya and Nairobi a real challenge.


February 2021:
During January we commenced a new partnership with Elisha Msemwa a pastor from Iringa, Tanzania. He approached us on Facebook and it turned out I had met him several times while visiting Mbeya.  We are going to work with Elisha on an agriculture project to support 7 orphans cared for by his Church.
We are now supporting increasing numbers of orphans and near destitute children in Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya.

New UK supporters are needed as we seek to make inroads to these challenges.


January 2021:

We wish both our UK supporters and our partners overseas, a happy and fulfilled new year.
As we enter 2021, our desire is to facilitate what God is prompting and enabling those of us who have plenty, to give to those who have little.
Africa has suffered economically as a result of Covid and we look forward by faith to continue our call to "help up" through self sustaining programmes wherever this is possible.

Our emphases for 2021:


  • The ministry of Andy & Rose Freeks with their family at Oviston, South Africa. They purpose to start a residential youth training course in 2021 with outreach into Oviston  and Venterstaad.

  • GodFirstAllPeople Church in ITUHA,  suburb of  Mbeya, Tanzania led by Nsubili and Riziki.
    They met for the first time in their new building in December, so 2021 will be a new start.


  • Support 62 orphans and disadvantaged children in 7 locations in Malawi, Tanzania or Kenya. Most Churches in this region look after orphans.  They are housed in purpose built accommodation, or live with pastors.  Many of them live with relatives or are "street children".  Our aim is to provide £1.00 for each child per day through 2021.  We have funds until April.

  • Agricultural projects and small businesses  set up in support of ministry in both Malawi and Tanzania.

  • Many projects are provided for and managed by donors as they are led. These range from assisting the homeless through to educational bursaries or community projects 


December 2020:

As we approach the Christmas season, we are so grateful to you, our supporters, for enabling us to achieve many of the goals that were set back in September - the start of year 3.

These are the highlights:

  • Kingdom Impact South Africa (The Freeks family) now poised to commence a residential "Kingdom Impact" training school at Oviston.

  • God First for All People Church at ITUHA, Tanzania has now it's own building which has been self built with material costs donated from the UK. The first service was Sunday 6th. December.

  • Our child support programmes now established by regular monthly payments to centres in Malawi (Jacobi) ; Tanzania (Ndaga Children's Home, Bethel Mbeya and Bethlehem Boko);
    Kenya (Nairobi street children).   
    This is a faith venture from our reserves bringing hope to 50 Children at £30/month.

  • An out of work man living rough in Scotland given the means to make a new start.

Is there anyone who would like to join us by asking relatives to donate £30 as a "buy me a goat for Christmas this year" ?   The money would go to Pastor Foreman at Ndaga to add to his small herd commenced a few years back with a similar Christmas present. 
Of course, if you prefer, you can always add a little extra to any one of our regular monthly donations which will go out this month on December 21st. 


October 2020:

We are pleased to announce, after two year's of negotiation, that Ndaga Children's Home is now fully functioning as a small residential Orphanage but with a mission to impact the wider community. In their Chairman's words "we need to extend our service to the community focusing on education, health services to both disabled people and orphans". We are standing with them in this new vision.

Kingdom Impact has commenced monthly regular support for named children in East Africa at centres at Ndaga and Mbeya in Tanzania and our new venture at Nairobi, Kenya.
Our Children Support Programme has, short term, been funded by one donor, but in faith, we have committed to support  41 children at £30 per month (£15,000 in a year) and set up regular money transfers for this.

Funds from Catalyst continue to be received for Andy Freeks at Oviston, S.A;
Ndaga Children's home, near Mbeya, Tanzania; and Nsubil with Earnest in Mbeya.
They have 
received cash grants to purchase food for distribution to those in distress arising from the continuing result of Covid19.



September 2020:

Our financial year has just been completed and we are so grateful to all who have contributed

to our growth over the last 12 months:

  • Income up by nearly three times compared to the previous year.

  • Expenditure more than doubled over the year, which means:

  • Excellent reserves as we embark upon our new Child Support Programmes in three countries - Malawi; Tanzania; Kenya.

Thank you so much.

August 2020:

The Catalyst funds continue to flow through. We have been blessed by a significant donation and we are minded to use it to seed fund a new Child Support Programme for disadvantaged children being cared for by pastors in Several African Countries. The gift will allow us the opportunity to commence both publicity for new donors from a wider catchment and to immediately commence monthly support grants.

Ndaga Children's Home is now starting again with only 7 residents but continuing to feed non-residents as funds allow.

July 2020:

We have successfully applied for funds from the Catalyst Network on behalf of our partners in South Africa, Malawi and Tanzania.  This money is beginning to flow and make a big difference

June 10 2020:

Funds continue to come in although more slowly.   We are extremely grateful to the Catalyst Network who have awarded cash grants to two of our Tanzanian Projects. The money has been channelled through Kingdom Impact and these food distribution grants fit in well to our longer-term empowerment projects such as the bean cultivation project - see the picture - - - >

May 10 2020:

Funds continue to flow in as specific needs are made known. We in the UK are truly blessed! 
We are humbled as our family overseas send in thanks for provision with great pictures of longer term food growing projects in progress.
Licenses for KI Accounts is now routinely adding to our resources.


April 29 2020:

Since the Covid19 Appeal, we continue to send out money for emergency food provision and agricultural grants to South Africa, Malawi, Tanzania, and Kenya.
The aims are both to relieve distress and to undertake self-sustaining projects.
Our reserves are now depleted!


March 25 2020:

Food Supply and Agri Grants went out to S.A, Malawi and Tanzania yesterday.
Today a pastor in Mbeya tells me he has 35 families with no food as income dries up!
Andy in S.A went out to buy wheelbarrows, spades etc before a total lockdown takes place.


March 24 2020:

Covid-19 Appeal money starting to come in!   
Formulating a strategy for sustainable food production projects everywhere we have partners with good sound ideas.

The first project will be 12 acres in Malawi costing £5,200 for seeds, fertilisers, pesticides and paid workers....but soon will require irrigation starting with a pump and lines, followed by a borehole - A big project - help!


March 23 2020:

First Covid-19 Appeal donation received.
Today will be sending out our regular monthly support grants to KISA in South Africa and Janet's House in Malawi.


March 22 2020:

Covid-19 now causing lockdown at home and in all our partner countries.
First emergency cash sent to Malawi. Appeal emailed out for more donors!
Now is the time for us all to pull together in support of those in real need.


January 2020:

Ndaga Childrens Home about to reopen with very reduced numbers.

Church Building Programme at ITUHA about to commence.

Great stories of God's provision in all our programmes as we enter 2020 with confidence.

December 2019:
Ndaga Childrens Home is being refurbished now that funds have arrived. Preparations are well advanced to reopen in January 2020 and not forgetting David returning back from school early in December (He is disabled and having therapy and schooling at Dar es Salaam.
Nsubili and all send greetings - busy with his Church Plant at ITUHA.

Andy and Rose entering the busy holiday season at OSL but still suffering from vandalism at the KISA Centre.  They have now started a furniture making project with employment of men.

November 2019 Ndaga Children's Home about to reopen

See more details in  our Tanzania pages which also have links to all that Nsubili is doing with his new Church Plant.
Also look at our South Africa pages for news of the Freeks Family now spreading into Northern Cape

October 2019:
Nsubili Mwakabibi has announced the start of GODFIRSTCHURCH for All People.
       See more under KI-Tanzania.
Sandy and Shoallyn Stoffels have moved to Upington, Nothern Cape to pastor a small Church
and to do mission through "performing arts and sports".
       See more under KI-South Africa


September  16th. 2019: Ndaga Children's Home temporarily closed!
Over the last few months the efforts to register the orphanage have come to an abrupt end and the centre has been temporarily closed by the authorities.  As this is being written, a new legal team and stakeholders in the NGO are seeking to re-register at Dodoma. 

All the children are staying locally with their nearest relatives. 
The largest UK supporter has withdrawn financial support.  The situation is critical.
Please pray urgently.    Contact me for up to date news at 07954 475728


July 2019:   Had a surprise visit of Booker Kapalamula banda for 2 weeks
This enabled us to catch up with our Malawi projects and begin to plan some more.
watch this space for an education sponsorship scheme at Kapps School - a Christian fee paying school run by Booker in Lilongwe. Also we will establish a number of community projects in addition to the Janet's House support being provided monthly.


June 2019:  We held our second event on June 1st.  - A BBQ at Cotten End.
This was to to meet Andy and Rose Freeks over here to visit and take deserved break after three and a half years of hard work and ministry at Oviston South Africa. After the BBQ in glorious summer weather, traditional English rain took its place.  Andy & Rose returned much encouraged and laden with equipment and much else set up a Study Centre among unemployed young people.


March 2019:  We held our first public event on March 30th  - A Breakfast At Mowsbury Golf Club.
34 People came and we had great talk from Pastor Daniel Brown on walking by Faith.  This is something always on our mind as we consider where we go or what we do next..  I am sure its not by chance but since the event two pastors have contacted us with a view to them becoming partners.  One from India and the other Nepal.   Also encouraging is the news that Faith Community Church, Bedford + Cambridge is considering becoming giving partners with Kingdom Impact and we are going to work out between us what this will mean.

February 2019: Launch of KI ACCOUNTS announced. This is an "in the cloud" business suite !

Fully specified and suitable for small business accounts, company accounts  with charity accounts.  Purchase is by way of a monthly license that includes training,
installation, support, and the generation of statutory reporting with audit if required.
      All sales income will be used for projects in Africa.

January 2019: First Half year results show donations level down from last year at £15K
Regular grants now going monthly to KISA  (Andy) and Janet's House.
Cameroon Arc now set up - ecology/community development in Cameroon rainforest.

November 2018: For our latest news sheet read here....

August 2018: First year results with donations at  £31K 

February 2018: First half year results showing donation level above £18K 

2018: Commenced negotiation to buy Kingdom Impact Centre - Oviston 

(The site has been partially cleared and made habitable by Andy in 2017)

January 2018: Kingdom Impact Consultancy started as fundraising arm.

November 2017: set up 

September 2017: Kingdom Impact Grants.  (A UK registered charity)  formed.

February 2017: Kingdom Impact Centre - Oviston  (Derelict Site) was occupied.

July '16 to Dec '17: OSL extensively refurbished and conference room added.   

June 2016: Kingdom Impact S.A.  (A Not for profit social Enterprise) was formed.  

November 2015: Oviston Sunrise Lodge opened as the home and ministry base of Andy and Rose Freeks

November 2015: Erf 28, Oviston Purchased.

September 2015: Oviston visited by Andy and Mervyn.

August 2015: Oviston visited by Andy and family.

5 Acres Malawi IMG-20191108-WA0005 (1)_edited_edited.jpg
Elisha fieldIMG-20210215-WA0001_edited.jpg