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Cameroon Ark

The Cameroon Ark project will act in the first instance as a project within Kingdom Impact Today.


The charitable purpose of Cameroon Ark will be to provide the means to initially complete and launch a Forest Centre and Sustainable Butterfly Farm and provide an income for several extended families within Obout Village, Central Cameroon.


They are building a facility to attract both visitors and researchers to Cameroon while also selling locally produced butterfly and moth pupae and sustainably produced high quality, scientifically valuable papered insect specimens to: 

  1. highlight the beauty and biodiversity of this region of the Congo Basin Rain forest;

  2. act in a stewardship capacity to preserve, conserve and maintain for future generations the biodiversity, acting as a biological reservoir for existing and currently unidentified species as well as a source of natural medicines and chemicals;

  3. educate local children and students regarding the environment in which they live and the biology that surrounds them; 

  4. train a next generation of guides and forest stewards.


The monies raised by and through the project will enable a  minimum of 20 people to have a sustainable income. These people are currently unemployed. 

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Mr Lucien Mballa Mbida is the local contact, based in both Yaounde and as part of the small village of Obout, in central Cameroon. The UK coordinator is Andrew Spicer.  Both have a shared passion for the natural world.

STOPPRESS.    Have identified a vehicle for sale which would greatly assist in the running of the project. 

How to Donate

If you would like to support Cameroon Ark, please use either of the methods to the right.

Whichever method you chose, please send a separate email being very specific about your choice of project. This will also allow us to send you an electronic form if you are a UK tax payer and you wish to give by gift Aid.

Bank details for electronic payments which may be one-off or regular monthly payments:

Bank:           Lloyds Bank

Name:          Kingdom Impact

Sort Code:   30-65-22

Account:      79541868

Reference:   Cameroon

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