Sandy and Shoallyn Stoffels

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Sandy and Shoallyn Stoffels are now living at Upingdon in Northern Cape  with their son Seth. They were married in 2015 and Shoallyn has been full time in ministry for eight years.(For those who don't know, Sandy is the eldest daughter of Andy and Rose Freeks who live at Oviston in Central Cape).

  1. Their vision is to display the authentic glory of God here on earth.

  2. Their mission is to bring transformation in a very poor city through pastoring a small Church (30 people), outreach using performing arts and sports on a daily basis and seeking to alleviate poverty amongst their community.

  3. They need support through prayer and finance.
    As they said in a recent letter, "Please stand with us for our needs as a family. We need about R15,000 to cover all monthly expenses including rent, also that God would give them creative ideas to help the poor. Not by giving hand outs but by helping them utilise their gifts and skills in business"


Please consider making a one-off or a regular monthly donation to this ministry by Electronic Bank Transfer to our UK bank account at Lloyds Bank using these details:


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