Kingdom Impact Training
Practical Generosity

To sign up or for more information please email us.

This is a three week 'taster' to explore, learn, share how to practise being generous.

  • Who should come? - anyone who wants to be generous but has unanswered questions.
    We are particularly wanting leaders to be the first!  We want to keep the group small.

  • When will it be?  - sign up and we can then find the most suitable time and place to meet.
    We are asking existing groups to send a representative  - only for 3 weeks.

Some of the questions to be tackled:

  • What do you do when the mind starts overruling the heart?

  • Spontaneous generosity followed by regrets!

  • How and why it is sometimes good to say no!

Some of the principles to be discussed:

  • Helping up or helping out?    EMPOWERMENT

  • Being a "generous people" as well as being a "generous person"

  • Generous in time, effort and money.

  • How to avoid lethargy.   In for the long haul?   Handling disappointment.

  • Very practical - how to make a start even if no ready money to give!