Fundraising for our own Charity
Our Ethic and Values
  • Our major value is to present the need to an audience of sympathetic individuals holding common objectives.

  • We will ask politely and without pressure if individuals would like to join us in meeting the need as we see it.

  • We do not wish to impose on others what seems important to us. 
    All our direct marketing promotions use an <unsubscribe> widget at the bottom of mailshots.
    We are not offended if you make use of this.

  • We believe we have a unique offering of 'intellectual property' that we are willing to sell to anyone who can use our consultancy services and licences.

  • All proceeds are donated by us to charity partnerships that we are certain will use money according to what is promoted by us. We are in close partnership through the use of UK 'champions'.

Download a summary of our charges and consultancy fees: