Kingdom Impact 
Who we are

Kingdom Impact is a group of like minded organisations and individuals, working together to invest in the Kingdom of God today. 


We invest whatever God gives us in terms of time and talent, led by the Spirit to bring others into his Kingdom.

Our calling is to extend the Kingdom to the 'ends of the earth' and our prayer is 'may your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven'.


We operate internationally from South Africa to Sweden and many places between.

Whether donors or beneficiaries, we tend to call ourselves  'Kingdom Impact' without distinction! 

Kingdom Impact Grants
(Registered charity in the UK:1174500)

Kingdom Impact Grants is the UK, make it happen organisation, that serves the vision and acts as a catalyst, joining those who want to give to specific projects  (most of which are overseas) to those who are able to fulfil the gospel injunctive to go "to the ends of the earth" to  extend God's Kingdom. 

There is an increasing need to conform to best practise in sending money overseas.  The Charity Commission, HMRC and all the financial institutions are now very specific on the requirements to  avoid money laundering.  Kingdom Impact is confident that our control and accounting policies are  sufficiently robust to avoid suspicion.  We have an audit trail for financial transactions that go right through the process ending with proof of the outcomes  for charity expenditure.  Part of this process includes the installation free of charge of accounting services in the organisations of our principal overseas partners.


Kingdom Impact Consultancy serves our charity by generating sufficient income to pay all our administrations costs and  to finance some projects.  This is done by selling Kingdom Impact capability to other charities, businesses and individuals.

As a result we can claim that 125% of all donations given with Gift Aid, are channelled to Kingdom Impact beneficiaries without any deduction for fees or administration costs.   We also take advantage of the many financial services organisations that process Foreign currency transfers at advantageous rates compared to the mainstream banks.  


The trustees are Steve Elphick, Janet Ingle, Denis Spicer and Mervyn Thomas

Click here for a summary of 2018 accounts

Trustees Report and Financial Statements

for the year ended 31st. August 2018


Our approach to fundraising is to send out occasional newsletters which inform but do not pressurise. 
We do not have collections or run fundraising events but instead rely on the personal introductions of "our chmpions" - people who give themselves and often give of themselves in personal visits to our partners overseas.    

We do not wish to detract from any direct Church connection and on the other hand we wish to serve both Churches and wider affiliations through what we have to offer.    is  our fundraising platform and information centre, providing access both to our finance services partners for Donation Processing and to the mission partners that we serve.   ​

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Kingdom Impact Grants

Registered Charity

Number: 1174500