750x60Giving Locally Impacting Globally.
  • Kingdom Impact Today exists to enable UK taxpayers to make donations to ministries, causes or projects you wish to support and to remain personally involved.  We encourage communication and visits in both directions .

  • We have very efficient money transfer arrangements with no deductions for administration.  All administration and  publicity costs are met from selling licences for " Kingdom Impact Accounts".  This is a cloud based business platform integrated into a funds accounting system. For more details see....

  • Our unique "selling" plan is that, whilst we support ministry and alleviate hardship in the short term, our longer term objective is to provide our partners with their own income production capability  - Self Sustaining Projects.

  • Kingdom Impact was formed to support ministries based on established relationships in South Africa and Tanzania.
    Later on we have developed partnerships in Malawi, Kenya and Cameroon.


  • Our CHILD SUPPORT PROGRAMME is now well established in Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya.   We found, especially in East Africa, which was severely impacted by the HIV-Aids epidemic, that Church Leaders in these countries invariably house orphans and have ministries engaging with single parent families and in an urban context, street children.

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